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Playing Around: Dead Poetic

with Embodyment, the Pitts and Faster Avenue



Covert Christian rock can often only be discerned by closely reading the acknowledgments in the liner notes. For example, the really cute, really emo-looking boys from Ohio-based Christ-core band Dead Poetic give their thanks and praises to the Almighty down in the fine print: Zach thanks God, for sending his only Son to die for me Josh thanks God, for his forgiveness and mercy and for loving me even though I don't deserve it. Like many bands on Christian labels like Tooth and Nail Records, names like Jesus and God seldom show up in the lyrics, and so one is left to wonder if, and why, it matters. After all, Snoop Dogg always thanks God right up front before he starts in on the beyotches. And these really, really cute emo boys from Dead Poetic still write about suburban angst, corporate greed, bleeding hearts and everything else you'd expect from a gaggle of sullen teens. Sure, the heart that's bleeding is probably Jesus, but its really just about the music, right? Come find out for yourself.

--Noel Black

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