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Playing Around: Cheryl Wheeler



Cheryl Wheeler is one of those artists who's difficult to pigeonhole. A true folkie, yet a wonderful and insightful balladeer, and sometimes just a little bit country, Wheeler tends to be a musical chameleon with a conscience and a sense of humor. With her career in full swing for over 20 years now, she has pumped out eight successful CDs, has been included on a myriad of compilations, has been covered by such wonders as Garth Brooks and Bette Midler, and has worked with such modern-day legends as Janis Ian, Mary Chapin-Carpenter, Alison Krauss and Jonathan Edwards.

Occasionally, you might hear a few of Wheeler's songs -- "Potato," "The Bank" and more recently, "If It Were Up to Me," her powerful anthem against gun violence (the song covered by Garth) -- on college stations, but for the most part, Wheeler has managed to hold on to her cult singer-songwriter status and keep out of the mainstream's glaring eye. Of course, like any good underground act, she has legions (and that might be an understatement) of devoted fans and followers. It is Wheeler's live shows that divulge her true essence and depth as an entertainer, a singer-songwriter, a wonderfully sensitive curmudgeon.

Wheeler is bold and opinionated one minute, introspective the next. Her songs tend to be full of both insight and irony. She is that rare breed of talent who can make you simultaneously think and feel simply by playing her guitar and singing. If you are a Black Rose Acoustic Society member, tickets are a mere $10. For everyone else, they are a mere $15. And you don't have to drive to Denver. Call 719/578-0254 to learn more.

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