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Playing Around: Cerulean City



It's a good thing that would-be jam bands are making their way back through acid jazz and funk toward a less indulgent, more rigorous and artful musical melee. Why? Because jam bands are just so, oh, you know. Like John Scofield -- who Cerulean City cites as a major influence -- there's a lot of crossover appeal as well as plenty of middle ground where jam-hata's can at least be glad there aren't lyrics. Cerulean City formed in Brooklyn, N.Y., last year, and are now well on their way into their second year. The members are: John Servo (not to be confused with Tom Servo of MST3K) on bass, Lars Burggren (not to be confused with Lars Ulrich of Metallica) on drums and Christian Smith (not to be confused with Christian Ministries International) on geeetar. And hey, pretty much all of 'em went to music schools of some form or another, so they've got that "and this one time, at band camp ..." thing going for them. Believe me, Hegelian dialectics dictate that this kind of music will be the hipster flavor of the month in the next six months. Can I get a futures market!?

-- Noel Black

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