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Playing Around: Cabaret Diosa



When you perform, you want people to dance. And when you play specialized music, you want people to dance specialized dances -- and you want them to look good at it.

So that's why everybody's favorite Hi-Fi Latin Exotica band, Cabaret Diosa, has provided information on doing the mambo, samba, cha-cha or maybe even the lambada (if you're nasty). All you really have to learn to tackle all of these dances is the Latin motion, the act of propelling your body one way and your weight the other, commencing in a flirty little bop of the hips and a Carmen Miranda wax-on-wax-off of the hands. This motion will come in handy at Cabaret's show -- think Copacabana, think Joe Cuba, think Alice Faye in Weekend in Havana -- Saturday night at the Music Hall. Tickets are $7. Call 800/965-4827.

For more Latin dance moves, check out the Cabaret Web site at

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