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Playing Around: Blue Sun

Blue Sun
  • Blue Sun

Few bands outside of Colorado Springs would dare to call themselves "hard rock" these days. Nevertheless, the Springs (of all places) can take it, and, in fact, has repeatedly proven that hard rock may be the everlasting soul of our music scene. Kindred spirits of locals Betting on the Muse with no small amount of Tori Amos vocals and grinding Metallica/Sabbath-like riffs, Blue Sun has a slutty sound that's been all but lost to the '70s. Composed of local Doherty grads Jamin Triz (guitar) and Luke Faimon (bass), semi-local Carly Harmon (vocals), and upstate New York native Josh Tarrant (drums), Blue Sun has taken the hard rock formula and pushed it straight off the Bijou Street bridge.

--Noel Black

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