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Playing Around: Bill Mallonee and Vigilantes of Love



There is something soothing about the Vigilantes of Love's new CD, Audible Sigh. Not soothing like, run a hot bath, have a cup of tea, put this CD on and let all your troubles melt away. More like, soothing as in an old comforting friend.

Perhaps it's the voice of head Vigilante Bill Mallonee. There's an obvious Dylan influence which can be heard in Mallonee's voice and harp playing. Yet there are also voice tones and styling reminiscent of both Lyle Lovett and Bruce Cockburn. Imagine all three morphed into one singer-songwriter, knocking out Adam Duritz and taking over the Counting Crows. If any of this sounds appealing to you, you'll love the Vigilantes of Love. It's a good sound and very listenable.

VoL, as they're known to fans, comes to us from none other than that sweet little town in Georgia known as Athens. As we know, Athens has pumped out some pretty good music over the years, and VoL is no exception. Since the band's inception in the early '90s, they've been huge on AAA charts (college radio) and have developed a cultlike following for both their recorded music and live shows.

With four successful CDs under their belt, eight years of touring experience and boundless amounts of energy on stage, VoL has finally made it to Colorado Springs. They will be appearing at the House of Soul, which is what the Vanguard Church out on Flintridge and Academy is called at night. Seating is good and the acoustics are great. Show starts at 8 p.m.; Tickets are $5. Call 260-7500 for more information.

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