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Playing Around: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


Who's yo' daddy?" "You are, baby, you are!"

Practice saying this response enthusiastically for the next three days -- preferably in front of the mirror -- and you will be in fine form come the concert, shouting with the brass lungs of a cheerleader and standing a good chance of catching the eye of at least one of the members of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Voodoo Daddy was one of the first bands to bring the swing revival to the Pearl Jam-ed halls of MTV and Top 40 radio, most notably with "You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight," a jump tune that caused young hipsters across the nation to swell into Arthur Murray Dance Instruction centers begging to jitterbug.

There's something about the band, something just a little shady that draws people in. Like maybe your parents wouldn't approve if you brought Voodoo Daddy to meet them. The way they play their songs brings the same kind of implications that come from, say, a too-tight dress or a too-long stare. They make you feel dirty, and, in this case, dirty is good.

Running over to Arthur Murray yourself and pleading to be let into to the next swing dance class can't hurt -- this kind of voodoo swing makes everyone but the stone dead want to move.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is playing two dates in these parts, one on Saturday up at the Academy and one on Monday down in Pueblo at the University of Southern Colorado. Tickets to each show are $20. Call 333-4497 for Academy tickets. Call 719/542-1211 for the Pueblo gig.

-- Kristen Sherwood

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