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Playing Around: Ancient Harmony



Jerry's dead, sure. But my how he lives on in spirit. Sure there are the cover bands, but what about the music Jerry might have made if he weren't dead? That's where Ancient Harmony, a Georgia-based jam band, comes in. Making their third trip to Colorado, and their first trip to Colorado Springs, they've really eerily tapped into something that really, really, really sounds like the Grateful Dead, but remains completely original. And all you jam fans can be grateful that they've made this long, strange trip. Because if you close your eyes for a few minutes, you just might be able to forget about the fact that lead singer and keyboardist Hal Month looks like Weird Al Yankovic after an extended stay at Woodstock and pretend, just for a few hours, dude, that Jerry's still with us, dude.

-- Noel Black

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