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Playing Around: A-Dub



It's CD release party time this week, this time with A-Dub from Gripped and his solo debut Shattered Life. Make no mistakes, folks: This is metal, and it's metal that sounds like it's being performed by the Hulk and Yoda. Not only is it sensitively masculine, growlerific and bulging out of its pants, every element of the album was performed by A-Dub himself with the exception of a few guest appearances by members of Gripped, Aggressive Persuasion and Apartment 213, which is totally Jedi. Plus, the vocals just sound sort of like they're being grunted by Yoda and the Hulk, which is awesome. Joining A-Dub for his live show will be: Tim Steffens on bass, Chris Forsythe (vocalist for Gripped) on guitar and Shawn Burrell on the skins. Come out and show love for the locals.

-- Noel Black

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