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Playin' Around: Mamma Jamma Blues Band


The Mamma Jamma Blues Band
  • The Mamma Jamma Blues Band

If you've ever been in a local bar and felt your feet tapping in time to some far-off music; discovered your hips swiveling and your arms moving without your consent; found your eyes closed and your whole body drawn into a groove before you even realized what was happening to you, it's likely you were in the presence of the Mamma Jamma Blues Band.

Unlike many local blues groups, Mamma Jamma has soul, deep down jammin' soul -- none of that lowdown, pseudo-Delta nonsense for them. They are a blues band with a heart of funk.

The group is tight, and their music is infectious. Seventies era guitar riffs and sailing saxophone solos are supported by a strong bass line and percussion foundation. Each member of the four-man group is an excellent musician, highly tuned to the groove of the moment, and the mixture of their individual styles and skills makes for a first-class band. After listening for only a few minutes, it's obvious that Mamma Jamma is having just as much fun playing their music as you are taking it all in, and that connection with the musicians makes for an incredible performance.

The Mamma Jamma Blues Band will only play a few more local dates before heading off to Korea in September, where they will perform their captivating blend of blues for U.S. troops stationed there. You can catch them this weekend at the Pine Gables Tavern in beautiful Green Mountain Falls. Call 684-2555 to find out more.

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