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Frozen turkeys and all the fixins' including organics already abound at grocery stores. But remember: The Americana Police aren't going to come for you if you decide to deviate from the norm a little this year.


Mary Ley
West side

School project director

Do you buy organic food? Yes, but I'm not do-or-die about it. Usually, it's things like lettuce, where you can't wash all the impurities out.

Would Thanksgiving be as enjoyable as a vegetarian? I've been vegetarian before, but I feel healthier as an athletic female having meat in my diet. Peanut butter isn't an adequate substitute.

Describe your most unusual Thanksgiving. My husband and I opted out of the usual overeating thing one year to serve people at a shelter who don't have as much.

What would you have in lieu of traditional Thanksgiving fare? My parents took us to a different service or religion every year at Christmas so we'd learn to accept and appreciate people's differences. Thanksgiving could be like that, too.


Jenna Shearn
Patty Jewett

Graphic design teacher

Do you ever buy organic? Yes. I like to support organic growers, and organic tomatoes and strawberries have more flavor. It's a better way to live.

Have you ever experienced farm life? I grew up on a hundred acres in Black Forest, devoid of television. We entertained ourselves with two horses, a couple goats and a pond where we played with tadpoles and dragonflies.

Describe your most unusual Thanksgiving. Hiking into the Grand Canyon at dusk, where we steamed pre-baked potatoes, freeze-dried fish and asparagus. It was a simple but absolutely gorgeous Thanksgiving on the canyon rim.

What would you eat in lieu of traditional Thanksgiving fare? Maybe something Native American.


Donavan Kennedy


Do you ever buy anything organic? Yes, to avoid pesticides and preservatives.

Have you ever had a farm experience? I have extended family in rural Iowa where I was chased by a few cows as a kid.

What has been your most unusual Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving in Australia last year. They don't celebrate it there, so I got together with a few Americans and Canadians to do it.

What's the worst food you've eaten? I ate some fermented tofu in Indonesia one time that was absolutely disgusting.

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