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Pikes Peak Lemonade adapts to winter with warm offerings


  • Griffin Swartzell
It’s good to hear that Pikes Peak Lemonade can keep business up in cold weather, but for our money, warm lemonade takes some selling. Fortunately, they keep an insulated carafe for samples on hand, and after sipping their candy apple lemonade ($4.63), we commit to a cup, enjoying the cider-evoking tartness in an otherwise sweet beverage. It makes sense like cider from a packet or hot herbal tea with sugar makes sense, a fine sugar fix for cold-weather cravings. The spot also vends dairy-free hot chocolate ($4.95 with paper cup), made with almond milk. We’re split between adding house ginger syrup and seasonal house gingerbread syrup, which adds baking spices, so we get a little of both. Unfortunately, under marshmallows and already-sweet cocoa, we taste neither, but it looks pretty after we hit the toppings bar for sprinkles and chocolate chips. Frugal customers can bring their own mug for a discount, and people who work downtown get a dollar off, reining prices in overall. 
Location Details Pikes Peak Lemonade Company
224 N. Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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