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Pig Latin Cocina & Food Truck to open in late 2017


Pig Latin Food Truck is finally set to make the jump from truck to brick-and-mortar eatery late this year. Co-owners Andres and Tricia Velez have announced Pig Latin Cocina (2825 Dublin Blvd.,, their Latin American-fusion casual eatery.

“We’re hoping [to open] some time in December, but it might be January,” says Andres. “The previous tenant... left on short notice. They left the whole building outfitted for food production. That saved us a whole lot of startup costs.”

Over four years in business, the Velezes built their culinary following mostly around downtown Springs. While they had customers up north, the truck didn’t make frequent stops in that part of town — they’re hoping to expand their customer base with a largely new crop of locals.

“We’re going to expand our proteins to include chicken, beef, shrimp, seafood...” says Andres of the Cocina’s menu. “It’s going to be Latin American fusion, but it’s not just pork.” In addition to food truck standards, the 10 to 15 item menu will include some favorite specials from the truck, plus new dishes like steak frites with chimichurri.

Prices should land between $9 and $15, he says. They’re also applying for a liquor license — their hearing is set for December, so they may or may not be open before they can serve alcohol. Right now, Andres says they’re about halfway done with renovating the interior. He’s bringing in graffiti artist friends to decorate the walls in a style similar to the truck.

And, as Andres told the Indy before the truck shut down on Aug. 1, the Cocina will act as commissary for the Food Truck, which should return to its regular spot on 112 E. Boulder St. shortly before the Cocina opens for business.

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