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Pick the WildCard and you may end up with Kalua pork


  • Griffin Swartzell

The WildCard, Mobile business, 217-2127,

It’s an exaggeration to say everybody goes to the 719 Hump Day rally outside Brayla Weddings and Events at 2165 Academy Place, but damned if it doesn’t feel like that when food trucks stuff half the parking lot and customers pack the other half. That’s where we find The WildCard, a food truck with a diverse array of offerings.

We’ve seen them serve everything from biscuits and gravy to jalapeño poppers to Philly cheesesteak nachos. When we visit, it’s the Hawaiian-style Kalua pork that catches our eye, served mixed with cabbage on a bed of white rice, topped with sriracha. We get the sriracha on the side, occasionally dipping bites of pork and rice, which we believe is the path of righteousness. Sans spicy sauce, the pork’s stupid rich, yet delicately flavored.

Does it bear the smokiness of wood from a long, slow cook in an underground pit, the cooking method that makes Kalua dishes Kalua? Not really. But hey, it’s delicious.

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