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Photography Below features everything from nature and travel to fetish photos


  • Anthony Graham
Joshua Coates, curator for The Gallery Below, goes about putting together an exhibition differently from most. It’s more typical for a curator to pick specific pieces from an artist they’ve asked to show. But for shows like Gallery Below’s upcoming Photography Below, Coates has instead picked artists and given them so many inches of wall to fill as they see fit.

“Nothing’s really like anything else in this show,” says Coates. He’s subtitled the exhibit “an uncensored look at photography in its many forms.” He says visitors can expect prints on metal, traditional prints, digital and film photography, and works in a variety of sizes. It’s intended to be a survey of photography along the Front Range, featuring eight photographers, plus mixed-media works from featured artist Misti Walker.
“I wanted to create a show to branch out and see what we could find,” he says. “We found such a variety of photography that we loved.”

Locals may recognize Brian Tryon (an occasional Indy freelancer) and Marcea Flowers’ names from other gallery shows around town; Tryon’s black-and-white photography, in particular, catches the eye with its light-and-shadow play. And then there’s the work of Anthony Graham, who specializes in boudoir and fetish photography. In one of his striking show contributions, also in black and white, a model hangs from rope-bound legs, acrobatically suspended upside down from a ceiling, wearing lingerie, yet more rope and a plastic bunny mask. Coates isn’t kidding when he says uncensored.

“I have everything from nature photography [to] some travel photography,” he says. “[We’ve] got a lot of different stuff going on, and that is definitely including some adult themes.”

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