Photo tour: 4 Mile Overlook - Dome Rock State Wildlife Area


Located adjacent to Mueller State Park in Teller County, Dome Rock State Wildlife Area has some great hiking and horseback trails. And although most of the south end of the area is off limits from December 1 through July 15 to accommodate big-horn sheep breeding, there are plenty of other trails to enjoy.

One of my favorite hikes is to the Four Mile Overlook. It's a long hike at 11 miles round trip, with a couple of miles of uphill hiking, but well worth it for the views. Due to it's length and difficulty, you'll want to be well prepared for this hike, and plan for it to take most of the day.

As a side note, when I returned home from this hike, I found a few tiny Rocky Mountain Wood Ticks on me. I have hiked Dome Rock SWA many times and never encountered this, and I assume that they may be just starting to appear with the recent warm weather. But these ticks can spread Colorado Tick Fever. I suggest wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts and spraying yourself  with a DEET-based insect repellent if you visit this area.

(The mileages in the slideshow cations below are approximate, measured with a personal GPS.)

To get there, take Highway 67 south from Highway 24 in Divide for 5 miles and turn right onto Teller County Road 61. Take County Road 61 for 3 miles to the well marked entrance to the Wildlife Area.

Happy Trails!

Bob Falcone is a retired firefighter, photographer, hiker, college instructor and business owner who has lived in Colorado Springs for over 24 years. You can follow him on Twitter (@hikingbob), Facebook (Hiking Bob), Instagram (@HikingBob_CO) or visit his website ( E-mail questions, comments, suggestions, etc to Bob:

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