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Pew Research poll finds 88 percent of Americans give the PO a thumbs up



He has slapped his name on a ridiculous range of consumer merch — from teddy bears to a urine test. His policies and behavior, however, have turned the brand so toxic that only two merchandisers have kept his name on their products. Still, luxury condos and other glossy real estate projects blare his name and then, of course, there’s his very own post office.

Yes, the Old Post Office Pavilion, an iconic 1899 federal structure that once housed our country’s postal service, is located just five blocks from the White House. He and daughter Ivanka had it converted into a hotel for the rich.

Branding the once-public facility with the Trump name was “really important,” Ivanka declared at the hotel’s launch. “You’ve got to be careful,” she explained — “you can’t allow people to walk by thinking it’s a post office.”

Daddy agrees. Now he’s in the White House, he even wants to bring the family’s sensibility for branding to your local PO. The Trumpsters say it’s time to turn our historic public mail service over to the magic of the free market profit motive and give it the efficiency that only corporations can provide. You know, like airlines and cable companies do.
Trump’s inter-agency federal task force, created to propose structural reforms in the U.S. Postal Service, made this key recommendation: “Prepare [USPS] for future conversion from a government agency into a privately-held corporation.”

Privatization! Are they not aware that our public postal agency is enormously popular and important to... well, to the public? A Pew Research poll finds that an astonishing 88 percent of Americans give the PO a thumbs up. Even the president’s executive order setting up the task force conceded that the postal service “is regularly cited as the federal agency with the highest public approval rating.”

The 640,000 middle-class postal workers merit such kudos because they deliver for us. Working from 31,585 local POs, they trundle 150 billion pieces of mail a year, 4 million miles a day to 157 million addresses across the land — delivering all with remarkable speed. USPS does this without taking a dime in taxpayer funds, financing its operations entirely from its sales and services to customers. This is a genuine public good linking all of America’s people.

For decades, though, anti-government propagandists have pushed the narrative that government is inherently incompetent, wasteful and a social evil that must be eliminated. But the problem for these ideologues is that USPS is not only a government agency that works, but millions of folks see it working for them daily. Therefore, to maintain the negative political narrative about public entities, the far-right corporatists are desperate to kill our public post offices. To help save them, go to:

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