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Personhood and us



In this election, Coloradans will vote on Amendment 48, which would legally establish fertilization of the egg as the instant "personhood" begins in matters of rights, equality of justice and application of law.


Mike Kimlicko
Patty Jewett

Database administrator

What is your take on Amendment 48? It's a very complicated issue, but it ultimately comes down to abortion, and people should decide that individually, for themselves, not the government for everybody.

How significant will abortion issues be in who is elected president? Abortion is an end-all issue for some people on both sides, but most people in the middle think other issues are more pressing.

Give your take on Sarah Palin's opposition to abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. It's unrealistic. The facts show that when abortion is disallowed, people still do whatever it takes to get one.

Rank these issues in order of importance: the economy, the war in Iraq, abortion, affordable health care. The economy, the war, health-care reform, with abortion last by a long shot.


Victoria Burke
Kissing Camels

Retired lab technician

Relate your thoughts on Amendment 48. I think putting an exact time frame on when personhood begins is problematic. I lean toward the right to choose for yourself.

How important will abortion be in November voting? It'll be around 10th in importance for most voters.

On which side of the abortion debate are most Americans? I think the majority is probably anti-abortion.

Rank the following four issues in importance: the Iraq war, the economy, abortion, affordable health care. Two, one, eight, three.


Diane Orr

Credit card processor

What's your view of Amendment 48? I support it. Every human life is ordained by God. No person is accidental. To cancel out something ordained by God, as abortion does, is playing God.

How important will abortion issues be on Nov. 4? It seems a pretty popular issue. It'll have medium impact.

Do you agree with Palin that abortion should be denied in cases of rape and incest? If you're raped, you're a victim. You didn't choose it. I can see where choice should be there for rape victims, but it's a hard thing.

Rate these issues in importance: the Iraq war, the economy, abortion, affordable health care. The Iraq war, health-care reform, the economy, abortion.

Bob Campbell

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