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Scott Witteveen shares a special bond with his 15-year-old daughter: co-membership in the Pikes Peak Volkswagen Club.

Amanda Witteveen was last month's featured member, thanks to her and her dad's work in rebuilding a 1974 Volkswagen Super Sun Beetle.

"She was a typical kid, playing the slug-bug game, and never really grew out of it," Scott Witteveen says of his daughter. "At age 13, she asked to buy one and fix it up."

Scott Witteveen, events coordinator for the PPVWC, has been working with Amanda for more than a year to restore the car. His assistance has been minimal, he asserts. "She did all of the work herself," he says. "The only thing she didn't do was the paint."

The Witteveens stripped the vehicle down to bare metal before inserting new windows and wheels, as well as a steering wheel and dashboard. They also reworked the car's chrome steel and interior.

Scott says they are 90 percent finished; just in time, as Amanda recently obtained her learner's permit.

Volkswagen created the standard Beetle in the late 1930s, and introduced the Super Beetle in the early 1970s. The PPVWC concentrates on preserving and restoring air-cooled Volkswagens, which, unlike most cars, need no radiators. The last Volkswagen with an air-cooled engine was made more than 25 years ago, so they are seldom seen.

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photo by Peter Fecteau

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