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Double the fun


  • Bruce Elliott

Move over buxom blondes in bodacious poses. Move over swimsuit pics and form-fitting tank tops. Move over Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski, otherwise known as the Coors Twins.

Mike Miles, Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful, has his own version of head-turning icons. Meet the Miles Twins, Al and Jon Polonsky.

I caught up with the Miles Twins during a campaign reception dinner at the Briarhurst in Manitou Springs. They were dressed in non-form-fitting jeans and matching Miles T-shirts, and reminded me more of Einstein Bagel Brothers than Coors Twins, but I couldn't tell them apart.

The idea sprang from Miles' campaign manager, they told me. It was indeed a takeoff on the Coors beer ad campaign, and a spoof at least indirectly at Pete Coors, who's also running for the Senate as a Republican. (The Coors Twins ads have been the highest scoring spots in the beer's history, according to Ron Askew, the company's marketing chief).

The Miles Twins told me they changed party affiliation to support Miles. "Anything for the cause," said Al. He was on the left, I think, and Jon on the right. The twins said they're concerned that the state's official Democratic apparatus is banking too hard on Ken Salazar, Miles' opponent for the Democratic nomination, because he has money and name recognition -- which makes him a more viable threat to the Republicans. During the race, Salazar spent $400,000 during a one-month span alone, while Miles has collected only $230,000 in more than two years of fund raising.

The Polonskys, from Denver, say their candidate has more grass-roots support.

Al's campaign work drew Jon into helping. They told me they don't drink Coors beer, but they're not opposed to the Coors Twins -- or friendly double-dating, although Jon said permission would have to come from his wife.

Your serve, Coors Twins.

-- by Malcolm Allyn

photo by Bruce Elliott

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