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I Love Lucy, Monty Python, Calvin & Hobbes, Saturday Night Live, The Office — what makes us laugh says a lot about who we are, what makes us tick.

John Morris
  • John Morris

John Morris of the west side is a retired teacher.

What kind of humor makes you laugh? Irony, satire, the humorous unexpected. I laugh most in interaction situations like getting together with my geezer friends every Monday morning, and we say things that get everyone laughing.

Why aren't there more female comedians? I assume it's marketplace. Women have every bit as much sense of humor, but theirs tends to be more direct and honest, focused on sexual and interpersonal matters. Male humor focuses more on politics and general guy stuff.

Would you ever try standup? Oh god no. For a short time they had a standup mic on Tuesday nights at Poor Richard's. I came a couple times and was embarrassed for them up there trying to be funny. That takes far more courage than I could muster.

Kayla Shaw
  • Kayla Shaw

Kayla Shaw of Knob Hill works in health care.

Describe your brand of humor. Dark, twisted, sarcastic.

What's your all-time funniest movie? The first to pop to mind is What About Bob? with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. It's very psychological, and that's right down my alley.

Who's the funniest comedian out there? Bill Burr and Louis CK.

Why aren't there more female comedians? There's a documentary on Netflix about that very subject, and the stereotype that women comedians aren't funny. It's just that our humor is different.

Your favorite female comic? Lisa Lampanelli. She violates every stereotype about what women ought to say and think. She says outrageous things that I love.

Tell a quick joke. I only know dirty ones, but I'll try. A cat fell in a well, and a rooster laughed. What's the moral? A wet [expletive deleted] makes a [expletive deleted] feel good.

Quincy Brown
  • Quincy Brown

Quincy Brown of the east side is an Air Force musician.

When was the last time you laughed out loud? The general absurdity of people and life makes me laugh all the time.

Who's the funniest comedian out there? Kevin Hart. He talks about normal, everyday things, but he tells his stories with such animation and hilarious voice changes.

Why aren't there more female comedians? I think there are plenty. The only live comedy show I've seen was Wanda Sykes, who was hilarious.

Tell a quick joke. I heard this from a co-worker, who heard it from his daughter. What do elephants and grapes have in common? They both have a trunk ...except for the grape.

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