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60 seconds with Randy Bradbury



Indy: Congrats on penning four songs on Pennywise's latest disc, Reason to Believe, the band's Myspace Records debut. We're guessing that in grand Pennywise fashion, you're ranting politically?

RB: Not necessarily. My perspective is a little bit disillusioned. In my songs, I said, "Are we ever really going to get the truth about anything? Can we still find a way to be happy and live meaningful lives?"

Indy: What's more disillusioning: the seedy record industry or politics?

RB: Thank God we've sidestepped the music industry weasels. Epitaph was a great label, and MySpace is being really cool. So it's got to be the politicians. Shit, they're born to lie. Now it's to the point where I believe the exact opposite [of what they say]; it kind of helps me get a clearer picture of what's going on.

Indy: That said, who do you like this fall?

RB: I don't like any of them, but I really don't like who we have right now. So I think to me, it's more of an impression of change. And the candidate that most represents the opposite of what we have now is [Barack] Obama. But it sounds like we have three candidates and it's the difference between a punch to the gut, a kick to the head or something else really bad. I don't see us getting much of a real change. It's all just lip service. They'll get in there and do all of the same crap that they always do.

At Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, May 7.

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