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Peak Place is easily one of the Springs finest coffee shops


Peak Place, also home to Hold Fast Coffee Co roastery, maintains firm footing among our finest coffee shops. Evidence: a fine cappuccino ($3.50/8-ounce) with expressive City Slicker label Ethiopian/Guatemalan espresso; we easily discern described fruit and lavender notes. And a pourover ($4.50) blending two Costa Rican beans, one aged in an Axe and the Oak whiskey barrel, exudes oak and vanilla essence, with a suggestion of bourbon, reading rich, smooth and damn lavish. We’re told 3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar provides a spinach-bacon-Jarlsberg quiche ($6.50) and a Chicken of Aragon hand pie ($9), both enjoyable if costly. The quiche’s moist filling delights, but does sog its thin bottom crust upon reheat (needs more of a pre-bake?). In the hand pie, served with raw spinach and an oily, oregano-forward vinaigrette, chicken and chewy bacon join leeks and carrots with a creamy tarragon seasoning; it chews doughy and dense toward the core, nicely buttery and hearty like a pot pie.
Location Details Peak Place Coffeehouse
2360 Montebello Square Drive
Academy (North)
Colorado Springs, Colo.
Café/Sandwich and Coffee/Tea

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