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Autumn is on its way out, snow will soon arrive, and the holiday season with all of its smells, flavors, activities and happy memories is headed our way. It's definitely a fun time of year.


Jen McDonald

Pottery professional

Describe your best-ever sledding memory. Some cousins and I put WD-40 on some trash-can lids and took them to a hill next to some woods at my uncle's house, where we'd fly down that hill and streak into a big cow pasture.

What's the best way to treat a winter cold? I keep it as close to nature as possible. I prefer vitamins and natural-based supplements to medications.

What's your favorite indoor activity in winter? Drawing, sitting around with the family telling stories.

How about outdoors? We have horses. I like to ride them on winter trails.

What's the best meal on days when it's cold and stormy? My mom's homemade noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.


Dan Temple


Talk about your favorite sledding memory. Inner-tubing at the Catamount Boy Scout ranch in Teller County that my parents used to take us to when we were little.

What's your favorite indoor activity in winter? Watching football.

How about outdoors? We just came from a snowshoeing seminar. I like to hike, and this winter I'm going to try snowshoeing, too.

Is there a winter event you look forward to? I like going up to Seven Falls for when they turn on the Christmas lights.

When it's freezing cold, dark and snowy, what's your meal of choice? Pot roast.


Wendy Harms

Theater teacher

What's your favorite sledding memory? Going down the middle of Gambol Quail Drive on a sled with my nephew when he was 3.

Describe your preferred method of treating a winter cold. Really good novels, lots of hot tea with lemon, and the bedroom door shut.

What's your favorite winter music? George Winston's album, Winter. I have good memories of listening to it while driving to Telluride one day in 1985 when it was snowing in August.

Name your favorite outdoor winter activity. Snowboarding.

How about indoors? Making bread.

Is there a winter event you look forward to? Going with the family to cut a Christmas tree on Rampart Range.

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