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Paradox Beer Company shines as usual



Paradox Beer Company, 13 Buffalo Court, Divide, 686-8081,

Paradox Beer Company continues to make some of the most interesting beers in the region. Many of their offerings wind up on liquor store shelves, but it’s worth stopping in for specialty beers including non-soured offerings, a deviation from the beers that built Paradox’s wider reputation. Informally, we enjoy La Fiesta, an unfiltered Mexican lager, and Procession, a Baltic porter that they’ve lagered for an extra-smooth finish. But we’re all about the two bottles we take home: Skully 47, named Blue Bines, and Skully 60, named B’aril Blood.

The former’s a wild sour ale, dry hopped and aged with blueberries. Its nose bears big fruit and mild sourness, but on the sip, that hop bitterness pops and plays nice with mellow tartness. The latter’s a sour with pomegranate juice and tangerine peels, bearing a fruity, acidic nose.

No surprise, the pomegranate leads the flavor, backed by malty notes. But we’re surprised by how big a role the tangerine peels play, offering balancing bitterness, a masterful decision that we frankly expect from Paradox by now.

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