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Pan-Roasted Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Distillery 291 Whiskey-Palisade Peach Conserve, Smoked Spanish Marcona Almonds and Almond Pain Perdu

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4 oz. cleaned Grade A foie gras

sea salt

For Pain Perdu:

2 thick slices of brioche bread, crust trimmed

2 eggs

2 tbsp. milk

1/3 tsp. almond extract

2½ tbsp. almond flour

For conserve:

2-3 ripe Palisade peaches

½ c. Distillery 291 Colorado Whiskey

½ c. Blue Raven Farm Colorado honey

½ tsp. unflavored gelatin, softened

For almonds:

½ c. whole Spanish Marcona almonds

Peach wood chips soaked with Distillery 291 Colorado Whiskey

½ tbsp. salt

1 tbsp. brown sugar

For almonds:

Toss almonds with salt and sugar. In a hot smoker, load with whiskey-soaked peach wood chips and almonds. Smoke on low for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

For conserve:

Peel the peaches by roasting them until the skin removes easily, and then chill. While the peaches are cooling, begin to slowly heat up the honey and whiskey and allow to simmer on very low heat. Cut the peaches into a small dice and add to the honey and whiskey mixture along with the softened gelatin, allowing to cook for 2 to 3 more minutes until the gelatin is fully dissolved. Chill conserve in the refrigerator.

For Pain Perdu:

Trim and or shape the bread to desired dimensions. Combine the whole eggs, milk, almond flour and almond extract, and whisk until mixed thoroughly. Keep chilled until after cooking the foie gras.

For foie gras:

Score the flat sides of the foie in a cross-hatch pattern. Season liberally with salt and sear in a hot non-stick pan until well-browned. Turn the foie and continue to spoon its own fat over top of it for about 1 to 2 minutes, depending on size. Reserve the fat for the Pain Perdu.

To finish:

Dredge the brioche in the egg mixture and over medium heat cook in the foie gras fat, turning when evenly browned. After cooking the Pain Perdu, let it rest on paper towels to soak up any excess fat, and serve warm with the foie and chilled conserve over top. Garnish with the Marcona almonds and enjoy! Serves 2.


Foie gras allows us to experience a little taste of heaven, so whatever your eternal plans may be, I suggest you take the opportunity to indulge while you're still here on Earth. We like to enjoy this preparation of foie with a nice, slightly warmed whiskey. Hey, if you are going to indulge, might as well go all out!

— Submitted by chef de cuisine Tyler Peoples and executive chef Chip Johnson

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