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Pain at the pump


Gassing up the car is getting to be like the wintertime utility bill a major hit to the monthly budget, something to economize on. How's that SUV doing?

Susie Milani


Old Colorado City
Owner of gymnastics business
Assess the media's coverage of soaring gas costs. It's important to know what's going on, but I get tired of it being an incessant subject.

Have gas prices impacted your summer? Absolutely. I'm riding my bike to work at least once a week. I'm considering turning in our SUV for a Subaru or Volvo.

What's a good getaway within city limits? I know several outstanding hiking spots, but I won't say where because everybody else will flock there, too.

Name an activity that's fun and cheap. My son and I enjoy walking up and down Old Colorado City, window shopping.

Predict gas costs a year from today. Somewhere between $4 and $5.


Charles Coughlin

Systems administrator/contractor
Assess the media's coverage of soaring gas prices. It depends on what channel you watch. They all seem to have their own agenda: what's good, what's bad, who to blame.

Have gas prices changed your summer? Everyone's trying to carpool to work, and we're staying closer to home, not driving as much. We'll be vacationing at home this summer.

What is there to do that's both cheap and fun? Take in the sights. Visit farmers markets. Springs Spree. There's a lot of free events if you take time to find out about them.

What will gas cost this time next year? Hopefully, it'll be down to around $3.


Fran Tilch

Instructor, Air Force Academy
Have gas prices crimped your summer? I used to go way, way up into the mountains to hike on both Saturday and Sunday, but I stay closer to home now.

What's a fun getaway within city limits? Stratton Preserve. I love walking to the top of the trails with my dogs and letting them romp.

Name something you do that's fun and free. Sitting out on my deck with my girlfriends, just gazing out at the mountains and drinking lemonade.

What'll we be paying for gas a year from today? I just got back from Europe, where it's $7 to $8 a gallon. I think here it'll be in the $5.80 to $6 range next year.

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