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Out of dormancy

Pompeii erupts from the rubble of the Austin music scene


Pompeii brings its ash cloud of rock to a state with a - smoking ban. Find out what happens Friday!
  • Pompeii brings its ash cloud of rock to a state with a smoking ban. Find out what happens Friday!

It's no surprise that the 2-year-old band Pompeii is from Austin, Texas.

You know the Austin sound thick instrumentals, poetic lyrics, unorthodox stringed instruments (in this case, a cello) and vocals that make you wonder, "Hey, is that a dude?" It's a sound Pompeii has also embraced.

"I just read a review that said we're a mixture of Death Cab for Cutie with Sigur Rs," says bassist Shane Stevens. "We all love both of them, and we're looking to have that depth of an instrumental band without being an instrumental band."

The five musicians of Pompeii write their songs collectively, helping each other flush out ideas. The band's debut record earlier this year, Assembly, shows this depth in the form of instruments that are proud to color outside the lines.

Their shows, Stevens promises, are no different.

"We play songs from Assembly," he says. "But, we rock out a bit more than the record."

These live shows have helped more and more Austin locals discover Pompeii's sound. Recently, the Austin-American Statesman called Assembly the Best Local Album of the Year.

Despite being recognized within the high talent-level in a town like Austin, Stevens says there are downfalls to being from the oversaturated "Live Music Capital of the World."

"We don't get much support from the Austin scene, since there are so many bands," he says. "[But] we have our core friends in other bands. We try to tour a lot and find support from the bands that we tour with, and we support ourselves."

And that networking, Stevens hopes, will help Pompeii get more of a national reputation.

"We are getting noticed," he says, "but we're also always trying to tour, so it seems like a long time coming."

Pompeii with The Only One That Could Make It and The Parkway

theElement, 1626 S. Tejon St.

Friday, Jan. 12, 6:30 p.m.

Tickets: $5 at the door.

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