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Our trash: Where's it all go?

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As our population continues to grow, so does our mess. Handling it is a complicated equation.

Anna Lundh

Anna Lundh of the central area is a student and a server

Can you think of any way that trash collection in the city could be improved? Maybe have more public disposals. And as a smoker, I wish there were more cans around for that.

What's the best thing you've ever found that was discarded? I found a book by Jane Austen, and the best part was the inscription in it. It said something like, "Just take a minute, because you can accomplish so much if you spare a little time."

Do we need a bigger push toward recycling? Yes. We definitely need to decrease the amount of aluminum and plastic in our trash. The Earth can't always swallow it.

Brittany Williams

Brittany Williams of Monument is an artist

This city only has private trash haulers; other cities have a single, nonprofit hauler. Which do you think is better? I think a single one would be best for consistency, but then that creates a monopoly. I feel like the city should be responsible for it, and the city should regulate it.

What's the best thing you've ever found that was discarded? My twin brother found my first guitar in a trash can. He played it at first, and then gave her to me. I still have her.

Have you ever thrown anything away and regretted it? I used to throw things out more often, but now I recycle and reuse as much as I can. And I've reduced what I own; moving helps with that.

How do you think the city does on recycling? I moved here from Athens, Georgia, and recycling was really big there. I haven't noticed it so much here; they don't make it convenient.

Dustin Turner

Dustin Turner of the central area is a stay-at-home dad

How can littering be reduced and trash collection be improved? Most of the time, people are going to do what they do, as far as littering goes. In Michigan, on certain days volunteers would go out to clean up.

Have you ever thrown anything away and regretted it? Yes, there are some things I wish I hadn't thrown away, like music CDs. I was just in a weird mood.

Do you think the Springs is recycling-oriented? Lots of individuals are, but the city as a whole doesn't push it. When I was in Germany, recycling was everywhere. It was a lot cleaner.

Have you ever wondered what will happen when the landfills are full? Yes, I've thought about that. And if we burn it all, then how bad is the smoke?


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