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Our brother's keeper?



The worsening budget crunch has prompted the county to propose closure of its detox center. People in dire need of that service, however, will still be here, living in our midst.


Patricia Leveille

Retired nurse

Some say that the measure of society is how it cares for its indigent and down-and-out. Do you agree? Things are in a bad place right now, and getting worse. We have to take care of people in need.

How well does Colorado Springs do that? The charities are pretty good about it, but the city, for whatever reason, does almost nothing.

What'll happen to chronic abusers if the drunk tank closes? There'll be more homeless, more people on the street.

In a best-case scenario, what should happen to chronic abusers? These people will always be around, and the problem will get far worse if the detox center closes. We have to find a way to figure this out.


Tom Hackenberg
Broadmoor Bluffs


True or false: The measure of a society lies in how it cares for its have-nots. I agree in the sense that people in a condition of alcoholism or drug addiction are in a diseased state, unable to make it.

Is Colorado Springs measuring up to this task? Doctors, nurses and health professionals often run into difficulty getting hospitalized patients into a detox center for follow-up care.

If they close the drunk tank, what'll happen to chronic abusers? They'll end up hospitalized more frequently, which will cost taxpayers far more in the long run.

Describe the best-case scenario for dealing with this problem. Some form of prevention program to head these problems off, and continued treatment programs for those in need. The worst possible choice is to put our head in the sand and ignore the problem.


Steve Monroe

Airport employee

Is the manner that society cares for its indigent and helpless a measure of its moral health? I think so. It takes everybody helping each other to make society work.

How well is Colorado Springs doing in this regard? We do a pretty good job. We can do better, certainly, but we do OK.

What'll happen to chronic abusers if detox closes? If they can't get the help they need, a bad problem will get worse.

How might its closure affect you personally? Alcoholics drive. Chronic abusers do things they might not do sober, like [committing] theft and violence.

Bob Campbell

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