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Orlando shooting: 'It's just horrible'

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Everyone is feeling shaken by the shooting that took place last weekend in Orlando. Here is what some members of our own community are saying.

Bob Hill
  • Bob Hill

Bob Hill lives in Colorado Springs.

What are your feelings about what happened in Orlando? Well, my daughter lives in Orlando, and she has friends in Orlando. She's in Alaska right now, but she called everyone — her friends are safe. I'm glad they are all right. She has good friends there. I'm surprised this would happen in Orlando, but apparently the person comes from somewhere else — somewhere more rural, which makes sense. I thought Orlando was more progressive than this.

Ida Brassfield
  • Ida Brassfield

Ida Brassfield lives in Thornton.

Do you have any opinion about the recent shooting? Oh, it's just so sad. So sad. You wouldn't think something like this would happen in this day and age. But it does, and it keeps happening and you don't know when it's going to quit. It's sad that it's come to this.

How do you feel about the support the community has gotten since the news broke? I'm very glad. It's good that the man was foiled in L.A., too. I hope there won't be any more people like them. There probably will be, but I hope not.

Dale Childre
  • Dale Childre

Dale Childre is from Manitou Springs.

What are your thoughts about the tragedy in Orlando? It's just horrible. And, you know, it's a global thing. It doesn't matter what country, what religion, what sex, what you eat — it's horrible. Literally, it's simple. If every person in our world helped one person, no one would need help. Our world lives in fear,and fear manifests in many different levels. You just can't live like that. Do whatever it is you need to do. Get out, hug a tree. Do something positive.

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