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Operation 6035: No surprises yet



Think of Operation 6035 as a navigator, leading the city through the storm of economic recession to the rainbowland of recovery.

That's what the $160,000 publicly and privately funded AngelouEconomics study is supposed to be. Yet, with the second of its three chapters approaching release, so far the study seems to be doing little more than clarifying what we already know.

According to an advance copy obtained by the Independent, the main goal of chapter two is to identify and examine the Springs' "target industry opportunities," which were selected based on the makeup of the city's workforce and national and local growth trends.

Apparently, Angelou has selected five: software and information technology, renewable energy, aerospace/defense/homeland security, sports and sports-related industries, and emerging industries/entrepreneurs.

Those are all areas that the Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corp. has long pursued, or that EDC officials already have said recently they plan to pursue more heavily.

Chapter one of the report provided an overview of Colorado Springs, uncovering bits of our city identity that seemed obvious. (For instance, we don't like paying taxes and distrust government.)

The second portion of the report is expected to be unveiled publicly soon, with the entire study wrapping up in June.

— J. Adrian Stanley

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