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With holiday parties and events coming up, "Don't drink and drive" ads will be dancing through our heads. Are they effective? And if not, what might be?


Bahman Moghadam of the Broadmoor area is retired

Do you think drunk driving happens as much as it used to? Yes. There are lots of bars open late at night, and lots of liquor stores.

How much do you know about the different sobriety tests? A lot; I've served on juries for DUI trials in two different states.

Do you think the tests are reliable? Yes, but the problem is there are people still driving with multiple DUI arrests on their records.

Do you think there should be stiffer penalties? Yes. A fine isn't a good deterrent, especially for a wealthy person. They should have a restricted driver's license. Get them off the road.

What about probable cause? The essence of freedom is to not infringe on someone else's well-being. I'd do my part to get drunks off the road even if I'd have to take a sobriety test to prove my innocence.


Bonnie Stanson of the northeast side is hygienist

Do you think drunk drivers are still a big problem? Yes, and they probably always will be a problem.

What's the best deterrent? I don't think fines really work; I think the checkpoints are probably better.

Some people think checkpoints are unconstitutional. I don't agree. The police should be able stop people whenever they feel it's necessary to protect all citizens.

Do you think it's safe to drive if you've only had one or two? No, it's still too much. I don't drink and I don't go to bars, but I did when I was in college. If people want to drink, that's fine, but don't drive afterwards.


Robert Goodwin of Fort Carson is in the military

Do you think drinking and driving happens as much as it used to? Yes, if not more. I've seen lots of people who like to party-hop, driving from one party to another.

Who's the designated driver? That's usually someone who thinks they drive really well when they're drunk.

How does the military handle a DUI? They can take money, they can take rank, they can kick us out. It's not worth it.

Are DUI checkpoints a good idea? Yes, I think they help. Maximum enforcement of the law should be used to help keep people safe.

Are the testing processes reliable? Yes, they work, but we could use even more ways of testing. Like having to take a breathalyzer before leaving a bar.

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