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No one's mistaking the Colorado Springs club scene to that of New York or Los Angeles. But a few people, at least, agree that it falls somewhere between "fairly good" and "fun."


Mike Clemente
Dublin & Academy area

Club (and pizza shop) owner

Compare the local club scene to that of locales elsewhere. It's been growing the past 20 years. The DJs have improved; better bands are coming to town. We're inching closer to both coasts.

What's the best club scene you've seen? New York, by far. It has incredible diversity and quality.

What would improve the club scene here? Knowing what's playing in New York, Chicago and L.A., and bringing that here.

Describe your idea of a primo club. Room to move, both the customers and the staff having fun. Vibe is everything, what makes for a great night.

Choose your all-time favorite concert. The Who at Folsom Field in Boulder in the late '80s that or the Stones, who I saw live in '81.


Shari Jones
Bluffs at Spring Creek

Ophthalmology technician

What's the best club scene you've seen? South Beach, just outside Miami. Everything was clean, modern, entertaining, and current.

What would improve the scene here? Modernizing downtown. A few buildings getting facelifts.

Name your all-time favorite tavern. Meadow Muffins, right here in Old Colorado City. It's like home, like walking into Cheers.

What's the best local club? Southside Johnny's. They accommodate all age groups. It's not uptight.

Describe the ideal club. At my age, a place without hip-hop, that's not geared to the younger crowd. A comfortable place to have drinks with friends.


Matt Avenarius
Rustic Hills

Heating & AC professional

What makes for a great club? Lots of women. Easy to meet people.

Name the best local club. Cowboys, at least when it was on the east side. I haven't been to the new [downtown] locale yet.

What's the best club scene you've seen? The Gaslamp district in San Diego, but that was 10 years ago.

What would improve the local scene? More parking and easier access to downtown. Taking a cab across town gets pricey.

What's your personal best-ever concert? Front-row seats for Nine Inch Nails in Iowa City in the '90s.

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