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Ola Juice Bar serves smoothies and inspiration


  • Matthew Schniper
In previous write-ups for this now 4-year-old nutrition-centric spot, we talked up Ola Juice Bar’s bright juices, breakfasts and build-your-own bowls. Now, we focus our attention on smoothies. We often wonder why folks go out and pay for something easily made at home. Answer: Spots like Ola offer inspiration, blending fun combos with ingredients rare in non-health-nuts’ kitchens.

The best-selling Thai Avocado Medjool ($7.75; we order it sans agave, the dates sweeten sufficiently for our tastes) tastes just like a vanilla milkshake, thanks to vanilla extract and coconut milk and water, fortified with avocado and cashews, finishing with lemongrass essence. Hoo-boy! Fruitier, the coconut water Mango Goji Fire ($7.75) comes deep orange from OJ and turmeric, with red spots from goji berries and cayenne for heat. Or do a challenging Green Jolt ($2.50), an astringent wheatgrass shot tamed slightly by lime juice.
Location Details Ola Juice Bar
27 E. Kiowa St.
Colorado Springs, CO
Juice bar and Café/Sandwich

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