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Offensive maneuvers


Its not Escape from New York, its Left Behind  - the - video game!
  • Its not Escape from New York, its Left Behind the video game!

At the outset of Left Behind: Eternal Forces, the entire human population is lumped into three seemingly inarguable categories: those who seek God, those who believe in God but choose not to seek Him, and those who simply ignore Him.

It's clear as soon as this theory is raised that this game was made solely for the first set and worse, for just a small sect within that grouping.

Load-time narratives and video back-stories show nonbelievers as evil they're even called "bad guys" and clips show policemen breaking up prayer sessions while influential governors look on and smile with glee.

Hence the basic premise of the game: Gamers control the "good-guy" believers and aim to convert non-seeking believers into Jesus freaks. Standing in the way are the non-believers, who the game deems incontrovertible. And apparently, these lost causes want nothing more than to kill anyone religious.

So it all devolves into a game of "kill or be killed."

The gameplay itself is essentially no different from early versions of Warcraft or Age of Empires: Gamers select characters from their growing minions and are offered a choice of actions for their characters to perform (like praying, converting, attacking, healing and building). But when these characters carry out these tasks, they shout out unsolicited religious banter, like "Praise the Lord!" And when they convert the non-seekers, they offer insight as to why their way is the right way.

Is the game fun? Well, not really.

In the world these developers have created, the easiest way to change the world is to go on the offensive. But in creating a game this "virtuous," they do little more than offend.

Pete Freedman

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