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Sci-fi convention set to make the jump to light speed



Dude, Scotty, beam your boot over to the Le Baron (formerly Red Lion) Hotel this weekend for the COSine Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference. All kinds of "intelligent life forms" will be on hand, including novelist Barbara Hambly, author of numerous sci-fi and fantasy novels including The Windrose Chronicles and The Darwath Trilogy, not to mention various Star Trek and Star Wars novels. You will also want to "Klingon" to the various panel discussions and workshops by local authors Connie Willis (The Domesday Book), Sara Hoyt (Ill Met By Moonlight) and John Stith (Redshift Rendezvous; Manhattan Transfer, which shouldn't be confused with the band, please). Dammit, Jim, that's not all that'll be happening either: Dungeons and Dragons people will get their game on, people will discuss Tesla and the recent Mars shenanigans, there'll be an art show, movies will be shown (including Anim), not to mention various things related to L5, Andromeda, Stargate and more. For only $35, you'll get membership and access to all these events. Station!


-- Noel Black

capsule COSine Science Fiction Convention


Le Baron Hotel, 314 W. Bijou

Fri., Jan. 16 Sun., Jan. 18

Tickets: $35 (available at the door)

For more info, call Mary at 522-0484,

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