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New Panda’s curry is a balm for weary souls


It’s been a long morning when I stop in at New Panda, a few doors down from The Public House, recently taken over by owner Tommy Xu. Not one but two planned lunch destinations are closed, unforeseen, and I’m hangry. My fortune cookie even reads “If it seems fates are against you today, they probably are.” And yet, thanks to a plate of thai curry with chicken ($10.50), ordered “3 extra hot” according to my receipt, it’s not so bad.
Location Details New Panda
445A E. Cheyenne Mtn. Blvd.
Cheyenne Mountain
Colorado Springs, CO
The attentive server keeps my cup of green tea ($2) filled at all times. As for the generously portioned curry, it’s heavy on peanut flavor, but the aromatic elements are there, and the veggies come cooked properly — the mushrooms are tender, and the bell pepper’s still got snap. Despite the heat on the receipt, it’s no scorcher, probably a medium-hot at most Thai spots in town. It’s wonderful how much a belly full of good food makes the world seem more workable.

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