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New marijuana social-media app debuts, and more




Mobile marijuana musings

A new social-media iTunes app wants all your pot posts to live on its network. Meet Duby, a Denver-based company there for your sharing needs.

"Cannabis is one of the top themes on social media, yet most social media outlets restrict marijuana-related posts," says co-founder Alec Rochford in a press release. "Duby is a viral social network that allows the cannabis community to discover the latest marijuana trends and conversations."

The company says all sharing is both location-based and completely anonymous. "The concept is not to collect friends, but to increase your influence by posting content that is passed around among users," it says. Basically, users participate in a voting system, passing the Duby on posts they like, or putting the Duby out on those they don't.

State cracks down

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has released its new policy for identifying doctors outside "compliance with the state constitution, statutes and regulations involving physician recommendations for medical marijuana."

There will be three key signs: A caseload of 3,521 or more patient recommendations in one year, which is tied to the national average; plant-count recommendations higher than the standard six plants and two ounces; and a practice where more than a third of patients are under the age of 30, since most chronic conditions occur in older adults.

Possible penalties, if referred to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, include revocation of the ability to recommend cannabis.

Keef crumbs

• Mayoral voting advice from the Southern Colorado Cannabis Council: "If you live in Colorado Springs, and are a registered voter, you will receive a ballot in the US Mail," the organization writes in an April 19 newsletter. "You could ignore it. Then kick yourself when the Policeman-like Prosecuting Attorney wins. Or you can open it and vote for the Grandmother who frequently speaks loudly and strongly about upholding Cannabis rights. Marylou [sic] Makepeace is that kind of gal."

• As of press time, the Colorado Springs Police Department did not have any stats related to tickets or DUIs charged over the 4/20 weekend. Writes spokeswoman Lt. Catherine Buckley in an email: "This has traditionally been a very non-event in the Colorado Springs area."

• On Monday, the Colorado Health Institute released a study ( of Colorado's marijuana public policy since legalization. "While predictions centered on crime waves, an epidemic of overdoses, skyrocketing drug use among kids and a tax windfall for schools, none of this has happened," reads a release from CHI. "Instead, more than a year later, the most pressing issues are how to label edible marijuana products, how to deal with unpredictable tax revenues and how the state's marijuana merchants can safely bank their money."

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