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Network Tangle Gaming takes bar life online


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After making their fortunes in real estate and sports betting, respectively, best friends Brian Winslow and Mitchell Anderson could have retired into idle comfort. But they got bored. Hence the launch of their bar and gaming café, Network Tangle Gaming set to open around the start of December.

At NTG, customers will be able to purchase daily passes or monthly memberships to game on the spot’s consoles and PCs. Winslow says they’ll rent out VR systems on an hourly basis. They’ll also host frequent tournaments with paid entry and cash prizes, typical for e-sports. He names Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in particular, as that’s set to release Dec. 7.
Location Details Network Tangle Gaming
3725 Oro Blanco Drive
Academy (North)
Colorado Springs, CO
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While Winslow says he enjoys video games, it took more than passion for play to get him to conceive of them as part of a business model: “I do know one person who’s doing this out in California,” he says, “and another person who’s doing this out in Tennessee, and they’re doing really well.”

Anderson holds no experience in the hospitality industry so far, but Winslow counts seven years’ experience, mostly managing a California Pizza Kitchen. In addition to a full bar menu with beer, wine and cocktails, NTG will host a full kitchen.

“The prior owners of this building [P38 Pizza] actually had a state-of-the-art kitchen made for their pizza business, and they left us everything,” says Winslow. He plans to offer a selection of pizzas, pastas and salads, plus appetizers and desserts — nothing fried, though, he says. They also plan to have six taps, mostly local beers, at opening, plus wines and a selection of video game-inspired cocktails.

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