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Neil Young, Crazy Horse and Negativland with the new and noteworthy



Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Colorado (Reprise) – Did an NPR interviewer really ask Young why he’s consorting with ruffians like Crazy Horse? Nils Lofgren has reunited with the band that defined Young’s early sound, and they recorded an album here in Colorado that is as brutal and plain-speaking on climate disaster as any work in Young’s catalog. As Young moves into his mid-70s, it is nothing short of amazing that he has rarely lost his originality or his stride, and this album is a blistering testament to his continued relevance.


, True False (Seeland Records) – Negativland has been on the forefront of cultural critique and pop music parody since the band was sued by U2 and Bono in the early 1990s. For their 40th anniversary, this new album unfolds like a TED talk on pattern-matching and conspiracy theories. Yes, there are occasional melodies and beats within this fascinating hour-long work, but it helps to think of True False as an audiobook, equally hilarious and terrifying, describing how to make it through this decade without going mad.

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