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Nana’s Bakery’s pan dulces offer a sweet alternative to donuts


  • Griffin Swartzell
Bringing a box of donuts to the office will always inspire joy in co-workers, but showing up with a box of pan dulces (80 cents each)? That inspires a little more conversation around the Indy offices. After all, even the wackiest donut is still a donut. And Nana’s Bakery, open since 2001, has a rainbow of the Mexican baked goods, plus cakes, breads, cookies, European-style pastries and even a small grocery section. Highlights from our box: An apple turnover comes in a crisp crust, more pie than puff pastry, with a sound enough filling. We also grab a pumpkin empanada, pleasantly light with balanced spice in a crumbly but structurally sound crust. A cono, a spiral cone of Viennoiserie (think yeast-raised puff pastry), comes filled with what tastes like boxed vanilla pudding, not bad for the price and it doesn’t leak everywhere. An oreja, ear pastry, is airy and crisp, begging for coffee. A colleague favors a cherry Swiss roll. But really, it’s hard to find a miss. 
Location Details Nana’s Bakery
3255 E. Platte Ave., Suite I
Academy (South)
Colorado Springs, Co
Mexican/Tex-Mex/Southwestern and Bakeries

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