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N3’s a fine spot for a pint, even if bulgogi batters our tongues


  • Matthew Schniper
As much as we’re fans of sister outfit Johnny’s Navajo Hogan, we’re struggling to find a reason to go back to N3 Taphouse for anything beyond drinks. In our mid-2017 review, shortly after opening, we noted several bumps. Returning to learn the chef recently departed and a line cook was stepping up, we don’t find things smoothed. Back then, our bulgogi was spicy and on-point on a pizza. This night, as lettuce wraps, we find the meat oversalted, unevenly marinated, cooked tough in spots, tasting more like generic teriyaki — the Korean beef staple this isn’t. Vinegary bell peppers as garnish do pop, at least, and the portion’s huge. Shrimp tacos (also $9), fare better with fresh slaw crunch and creamy avocado, though we don’t love how the commercial flour tortillas mute the prawns’ flavor. No complaint on beers: Goat Patch Brewing’s coffee-strong, sweet-finishing mocha latte, and Fort Collins’ Horse & Dragon Brewing peach IPA ($6/each), faintly fruity but bearing a nice bitter orange citrus hoppiness.
Location Details N3 Taphouse
817 W. Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO

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