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MX Market at the Mining Exchange does no wrong


  • Matthew Schniper
The Mining Exchange recently added a long, brick-dominant deli called MX Market. Starbucks coffee is served next to Josh & John’s ice cream and beautiful “fancy desserts” ($5.99) by pastry chef Chris Adrian Miller. We nab a rich white chocolate pyramid garnished in gold leaf, filled with superlative sour mango jam on a cashew torte.
Location Details MX Market at the Mining Exchange
119 E. Pikes Peak Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO

MX Market chef Mark Keel oversees a diverse array of sandwiches and soups, plus prepared cold salads (three for $4.99 with a roll). I get a herbaceous roasted garlic and root vegetable; simple red quinoa and rice flecked with kale, pine nuts and grated Parmesan; and stunning, campfire-flavored baba ganoush. He’ll lean Mediterranean, but also Korean, as evidenced by bright bulgogi ($3.99, a generous side), a little dry served cold. The Beefeater ($9.99/full) presents a thick layer of house roast beef on crispy baguette, with gooey Gruyere, pickles, mustard and caramelized onions; I only crave a jus dip, as we’re overall impressed.

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