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Munchies proves offbeat in an original way


  • Griffin Swartzell

Munchies food truck sports a menu that’s full of the fried and the fusion, offering tastes of the not-quite-familiar and the strange-but-inviting to all comers. It’s quirky and offbeat, but it doesn’t feel quite so capital-H Hip the way many of the city’s fusion spots and gastropubs do.

Rather, it all clicks, even when the owner, a gentleman dressed in a red Oxford shirt with a black vest and matching trilby hat, brings my elote wontons and Mexican hot chocolate waffle into Blackhat Distillery where they’re parked. The former comes stuffed with queso fresco, corn kernels and onions, seasoned to offer warmth and comfort and served with a side of Southeast Asian-style sweet chile sauce that, per usual, dominates all other flavors. Each wonton greases my fingers, but there’s a nice caramelization to the interior.

As for that waffle, it appears not chocolate-studded but plain with Ibarra Mexican chocolate, cinnamon sugar, caramel sauce and whipped cream atop. Texturally, it’s gritty, but the flavors read true cocoa and cinnamon, and in a mind-boggling twist, it doesn’t taste oversweet.

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