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Sixty seconds with Ryan Martinie



Indy: The New Game is the first Mudvayne CD in three years. What's it been like to spend so much time creating music during that stretch?

RM: It's been great. All the Mudvayne energy for a long time now has just been put into doing that, writing and recording, and that's been really cool, the experience of that. Hopefully fans aren't too pissed off at us for taking so much time away.

Indy: How would you compare The New Game to the earlier Mudvayne CDs?

RM: The music is still metal and still features the angular riffs, complex arrangements and unconventional time signatures of the previous CDs. But The New Game has a bit different feel. I think there's a decided rock element to this record. That's not to say that it's not metal, because you're still going to encounter strange time signatures and some of the things that are kind of our staples as writers. There's some very hard material on the record, playing-wise. I think there are some pretty crazy vocals that are going to be hard to do live, just like it's hard to play a beat live or a bass line live. We pushed ourselves again, and I think that's kind of historically what we do.

Indy: As I understand it, you have another Mudvayne album already completed. Did you work on both at the same time?

RM: They were two completely separate processes, as far as the time periods were different and the songs are different. There was no co-mingling there. Once the next record comes out, you'll go, "Wow, they absolutely were [done at] different times." There will be no question about it.

At Denver's Fillmore Auditorium, Nov. 21.

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