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Much heat, less light


Five years ago this week, we were being warned of mushroom clouds over Manhattan and hearing that winning in Iraq would take a couple months and $40 to $50 billion. About 4,000 American deaths and $500 billion later ... here we are.


Peter Blessing
Manitou Springs

Outdoor and wilderness educator

In five words or less, describe your views on Iraq. An awful mess.

When will we be out of Iraq? Within the next few years, if we put a Democrat in the White House.

What should be our priority concerning Iraq? Making sure veterans get proper care.

Have we been told the truth about Iraq? No, and there's things we won't know for years to come as is always the case with war.


Marty Slayden
Holland Park

Spanish teacher

State your views on the Iraq war in five words or less. We need an immediate end.

Did you feel differently five years ago? I thought we were justified going into Afghanistan, but we lacked evidence to do it in Iraq. I suspected a vendetta against Saddam.

Should the media change its coverage of the war? We haven't had enough visual images of the horror, or adequate coverage of the 4,000 American dead.


Bill McClelland
Vista Grande

Retired probation officer

In five words or less, what's your position on Iraq? It's an extremely complex situation.

Has your view evolved since March 2003? There's been some developments we didn't anticipate, like the differences between the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds.

How do you think the media should change its war coverage? Exercise more objectivity in getting at the truth.

When will we leave Iraq? It'll be many years.


Cindy Hultsman

Telephone solicitor

Indicate your position on Iraq in five words or less. Ignorant destruction and incompetence.

How should media change its coverage? Cover what's really happening on the ground, and get more input from average Iraqi mothers.

When will we exit Iraq? I doubt it'll be less than five years, no matter who's elected.

Name something you think we could do to improve things in Iraq. Something along the lines of the Marshall Plan.

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