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17 Again (PG-13)

Mike O'Donnell (Matthew Perry) is a defeated pharmaceutical salesman facing divorce and unemployment, when he finds himself transformed back into his 17-year-old self (Zac Efron) in this mostly perfunctory film. — Scott Renshaw

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

12 Rounds (PG-13)

A detective (John Cena) must rescue his kidnapped girlfriend by performing 12 tasks. Not reviewed

Picture Show

*Battle for Terra (PG)

Yes, Battle for Terra is just another CG-animated, science-fiction action fantasy about stubbornly imperialistic and environmentally rapacious human beings. But it's reasonably well-stocked with wonders while it lasts. Jonathan Kiefer

Hollywood Interquest

Bedtime Stories (PG)

A hotel maintenance man (Adam Sandler) tells stories to his niece and nephew and they begin to come true. — Not reviewed

Picture Show

Confessions of a Shopaholic (PG)

In this film based on the novel by Sophie Kinsella, a woman (Isla Fisher) who has a shopping addiction somehow lands a job at a financial magazine giving advice to consumers. Not reviewed

Picture Show

*Coraline (PG)

Coraline, director Harry Selick's intensely imaginative adaptation of the beloved Neil Gaiman novel, tells the story of a young girl who discovers a portal to an alternate life behind a door in her living room. — Jonathan Kiefer

Picture Show

Dolphins and Whales (NR)

This 3D documentary takes viewers to exotic locales to witness dolphins, belugas, orcas, manatees and humpback whales in their natural habitat. — Not reviewed

Cinemark 16 IMAX

Duplicity (PG-13)

Julia Roberts and Clive Owens star as competing corporate spies with a romantic past who team up to con their employers. — Not reviewed

Picture Show

Earth (G)

This documentary based on the Discovery Channel series Planet Earth follows four animal families as they migrate across the globe. — Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Fast & Furious (PG-13)

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reteam to fight a shared enemy and power exotic cars from California through the deserts of Mexico. — Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15, Tinseltown

Fighting (PG-13)

A young man moves to New York and is persuaded by a scam artist to become a street fighter on the underground circuit. — Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Tinseltown

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (PG-13)

In this spin on Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol, a bachelor (Matthew McConaughey) is visited by the ghosts of past relationships as he tries to short-circuit his brother's wedding. Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

*Gran Torino (R)

Meet Walt Kowalski: Korean War vet, retired autoworker, widower, ornery racist coot. But he's played by Clint Eastwood, in an Eastwood-directed movie, so no matter what kind of bastard Walt is, you know you're probably going to like him. — Jonathan Kiefer

Picture Show

Hannah Montana: The Movie (G)

As Miley Stewart's days start to be overtaken by the persona of her alter ego Hannah Montana, Miley's father encourages her to return to her hometown to get some perspective on life. — Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

He's Just Not That Into You (PG-13)

A star-studded ensemble cast leads several interwoven stories of miscommunication and misguided romance. — Not reviewed

Picture Show

Hotel for Dogs (PG)

A young boy and girl save stray dogs by hiding them in an abandoned house. — Not reviewed

Picture Show

Knowing (PG-13)

In this thriller, Nicolas Cage plays a man whose son brings home a piece of paper covered in numbers that seem to predict the dates of natural disasters. — Not reviewed


*Monsters vs. Aliens (PG)

Creature features, alien invasions, 3-D gimmickry — from start to finish Monsters vs. Aliens (from DreamWorks Animation) celebrates some of the staples of the 1950s B-movie. — Scott Renshaw

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Cinemark 16 IMAX, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Obsessed (PG-13)

A high-powered businessman (Idris Elba) with an attractive wife (Beyoncé Knowles) is stalked by a temp worker (Ali Larter) who makes trouble for him. Not reviewed

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (PG)

A security guard (Kevin James) must come to the rescue when a mall is taken over by would-be robbers. — Not reviewed

Picture Show

Say It in Russian (NR)

In this romantic thriller, a Parisian socialite (Faye Dunaway) introduces a traveling American attorney (Steven Brand) to a mysterious Russian woman who invites him to Moscow for her father's wedding. (All movies in this Independent Film Series are $5.) Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15

*The Soloist (PG-13)

A brilliantly talented but extremely disadvantaged person of color changes a white man's life. True story, documented in a major newspaper, then a book. And now a movie. The only pending question is how much it'll matter that the white man is played by a guy who did a movie in blackface last year (Robert Downey Jr.). — Jonathan Kiefer

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

*State of Play (PG-13)

A D.C. reporter (Russell Crowe) investigates the death of a woman who worked on a committee headed by his best friend, Congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) — who was also having an affair with her. The strong cast and gripping action sequences make it satisfying popcorn entertainment. — Jeff Sneider

Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

Stand-Up 360 (NR)

This is one in a series of films hosted by comedian Caroline Rhea featuring stand-up routines shot live in New York City. Not reviewed

Chapel Hills 15

Sunshine Cleaning (R)

Sunshine Cleaning would be a waste of film if it weren't for Amy Adams who stars as Rose Lorkowski, a single mom who's eking by as a maid when she decides to make some quick cash as a crime-scene scrubber. — Tricia Olszewski

Carmike 10, Kimball's Twin Peak

Taken (PG-13)

In addition to kicking ass, Liam Neeson — or, well, his character, ex-spy Bryan Mills — also does a whole lot o' killin'. The reason for his wrath is that his teen daughter has been kidnapped by sex traffickers. — Jonathan Kiefer

Picture Show

Watchmen (R)

What is truly amazing about Watchmen, the highly anticipated film version of the much-adored graphic novel about costumed crusaders investigating the murder of one of their own against an alt-history backdrop, is how forcefully the movie negates the book's most basic intentions. — Jonathan Kiefer

Picture Show

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PG-13)

This movie provides the backstory for Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), seen before in three earlier X-men features but this character isn't the same guy. While he's occasionally the familiar wise-cracker, we're mostly watching someone with a completely different psychological make-up. — Scott Renshaw

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Cinemark 16, Hollywood Interquest, Tinseltown

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