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The Mostly Don'ts



The Mostly Don'ts
  • Blaircraft Photography

Style of music, in 10 words or less: "Tardcore, punk"

Three artists they owe everything to: The A-holes, The Queers, Enya

Band members: Pat Rau (guitar/lead vocals), Andrea Stone (guitar/vocals), Dean Dunston (bass/vocals), Hostile John Gillette (drums)

Debut performance: 2010

Recordings: "You need money for that... right?"

Why they matter: Let's begin with the fact that they wear more body-paint than you do, and sing more songs about Tyrannosaurus sexbots and girls in cages. Mostly Don'ts lead spokesperson Dean Dunston is especially proud of the group's three-part harmonies on "The Vacuum Cleaner Song," although their overall sound is more Peelander-Z than Crosby, Stills & Nash. Ask Dunston why they matter, and you'll get a more succinct answer: "We ... mostly don't."

2nd place: 99 Bottles

3rd place: The Nobodys

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