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Moodie Black, Castle highlight eclectic live music week


Conventional wisdom has it that the approach of autumn brings a slower pace to live music, scaling back a bit from the typical flurry of festivals and record releases welcomed by the summer. However, this week proves to be an outlier, packed full of noteworthy shows for fans of many different genres. Let’s examine a few more closely while you figure out how you can arrange your schedule to take it all in.

Starting at the end of the week, the Triple Nickel Tavern is hosting a Sept. 30 multi-genre show featuring San Francisco-based metal band Castle and Minnesota-based noise rap group Moodie Black, joined by locals Tovenaar and the ever-entertaining Night of the Living Shred.

Castle, not to be confused with either the early-’90s Dutch death metal band or the Minnesota-based sludge metal band of the same name, possess a slightly psychedelic sound influenced by both classic heavy metal, a la Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, and the doomier likes of Pentagram. Absolutely heavy, but frontwoman/bassist Elizabeth Blackwell’s spine-tingling vocals are powerful and tuneful enough to capture the attention of non-corpse-painted fans.

The band’s Triple Nickel appearance caps off their Endless Graveyard U.S. Tour in support of their fourth full-length LP Welcome to the Graveyard, which features lyrics inspired by Aleister Crowley and Eliphas Levi — in other words, this band is more fun than is probably legal in some states.

Moodie Black, meanwhile, a duo consisting of emcee/producer KDeath and guitarist Sean Lindahl, represents the most experimental, creative and aurally dark corners of the hip-hop world, their sound often relentlessly claustrophobic, crushed and harsh. Neophytes would probably feel the urge to compare them to Death Grips, but Moodie Black’s first recorded material, originally recorded under the moniker GAHEDiNDIE, predates Death Grips’ first material by years.

While fans are still eagerly awaiting Moodie Black’s new album, Lucas Acid, the band released a single and accompanying video for the track “Tuesday” in March of this year, which takes listeners on a rather bleak tour of a day in the life of KDeath, illustrating the feelings of isolation experienced by a non-white trans person.

It should be noted, incidentally, that this Nickel show also functions as a return show for Night of the Living Shred, who have been accompanying Moodie Black on a short tour leg through Mexico, California and the southwestern U.S.

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